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Welcome to the Blogs of Economics 411
Posted by: Joseph E Poff, CPA CITP from Auburn Software, Inc. on Tuesday June 1, 2010 at 5:55 PM   (-07 GMT) | Comments (0)
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In the years – decades really – that it took me to design and develop the financial game Economics 411 ( http://www.Economics411.com ) – I often thought of enhancements I wanted to add. One was a Blog that brought together many different authors - all interested in the Economy and in Investing. Each would write a little bit about their knowledge and experience on these topics.

For example, as a CPA, I’ll have topics that relate to my experiences and my clients in the accounting finance area as well as Information Technology. A Stock Broker, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker or fellow CPA will be viewing things from a different angle and their topics will undoubtedly be different than mine.

One thing my 30 years in public practice taught me is that some of the keenest insight of investments and businesses came from clients that weren't in the financial - accounting industry. So, while we’ll have professionals as authors I'd also like to encourage others that want to share their insights with others to participate.

Let me know if you'd like to become a contributor on this site. We already have several people that will be coming on board shortly.You can leave comments and rate any story you read here and then check back to see what responses you generated.

If you have Questions – you can submit them too for our anonymous Q&A page. You can also contact any of the Authors directly for a personal answer, but keep in mind that they often only have their time to sell and so if you are taking up some of their time you should expect to pay them for their time. I’m sure any of them would be more than happy to consider taking you on as a client.

It took a long time to get Economics 411 up and running and I'm sure this will take some time too. I'm excited as The Blogs of Economics 411 has finally launched – roughly a year after Economics 411 launched.

I think there could be some great practical posts for people to read and hopefully help them with their own personal finances. Perhaps in 20 years, someone that has read some of the articles on The Blogs of Economics 411 and played Economics 411 - perhaps they'll have a little more money that they would have if they passed us by - who knows - I'm going to think so! 

Joseph E Poff, CPA

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