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Joseph E Poff, CPA CITP
Auburn Software, Inc.
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CPA, Software Developer, Entrepreneur
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My Company - Auburn Software, Inc. We've grown a lot since our beginning not too long ago. Auburn Software and its founder, Joseph E Poff, CPA now hold multiple trademarks, have several products and web sites and a patent pending for one of them (Economics 411 ).

Our list of products include Debit Square® an inexpensive dynamic tracking program for Pets, Gardens, Children and Vehicles - for personal and business use; Debit Cube® - an online more elaborate version of the Debit Square® series (coming soon); Puzzle Drop® - an XBox 360 Indie game - available on XBox Live; Economics 411® - a financial game illustrating investment reactions to economic indicators and now The Blogs of Economics 411 - a site for writings and thoughts on economic and financial topics by a variety of individuals with knowledge of these areas.

We have a lot planned for the future including expansions of Economics 411 and The Blogs of Economics 411.


About Me - Joseph E Poff, CPA CITP

I obtained my CPA license in 1980 and about the same time purchased a small CPA firm in Kent, WA with another individual . During the next 20+ years the firm was listed in the top 25 CPA firms by the Puget Sound Business Journal many times and peaked at 13th during my ownership. At that time there were 30+ people employed there.

In the early years, I began pioneer work with Retirement Plans - 401k's, Profit Sharing. This was in the beginning of their rise to popularity. At that time only a few really had knowledge of these plans - even fewer could implement them. I wrote, designed and implemented these plans as well as provided annual administration including meeting with employees to explain plan operations and benefits. I wrote some of the first computer programs to process this information.

 Around the same time I started working with a small local company that had one retail outlet. Within 10 years they had 25+ stores on the West Coast and ultimately sold to a large public company. Another client - a food product producer also sold to a very large public company within a few short years of opening. In these examples and many others, I was certainly not totally responsible for the success of these, but I was on the team - I was an important forward thinking member of the team and had been there from day one to the date of sale.

My work with computerized systems related to accounting began early and several years ago resulted in me receiving a national award from the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) and a regional award from the Washington Society of Public Accountants (WSCPA). Since then, I've continued my award winning work developing systems and process for businesses as well as developing products under Auburn Software, Inc.

With the development of Economics 411 and now The Blogs of Economics 411, I hope I'm able to be a catalyst in providing financial information to more people. Some of the most exciting times for me are when an entire class logs on and is playing Economics 411.

As in the old adage about teaching a man to fish - I don't want to just walk you to the bank - I'd like to teach you how finances work and then you can drive yourself to the bank!

Joseph E Poff, CPA

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